Linda's Blog

After a summer spending a lot of time travelling to give papers at conferences, I am now settling back down to writing and revising writing at home. I seem to have spent much time in the air, traveling to Cork for the Transatlantic Studies Association Conference, New York for a conference at Central University Of New York and Annapolis for the Macmillan Symposium at the Naval Academy. Nearer home the was the regular annual conference on Army chaplaincy at Amport, always a joy to attend, and a very interesting conference on El Alamein at Wolverhampton University. I will be kept busy however with the last minute details of the publication of A seeker After Truths , and with organising a book launch (watch this space ) . Also keeping me busy will be working with the other trustees of Toc H to plan the centenary celebrations of the formation of the Toc H movement, which will begin in the Autumn of 2019. My current reading has been inspired by the authors who visited the Wantage Literary Festival lately . I have nearly finished Defending The Rock, How Gibraltar defeated Hitler by Nicholas Rankin and am just about to start on Super Highway , Sea Power in the 21st Century by Chris Parry , who gave an exciting talk which included reminisces of his experiences in the Falklands Conflict I am undecided on my next project. Possibly airborne padres of something completely different on a Second World War Air Power theme. Probably will continue with research on both projects until it become clearer which is going to win.