Characters From Recent Research

The Revd Walter Carey (1875-1955) The Revd Walter Carey (1875-1955)

Walter Carey became a chaplain in the Royal Navy in August 1914.
After serving on the guard ship HMS Mars he was appointed chaplain on the HMS Warspite , a Queen Elizabeth class battleship in 1915. He was on board for the battle of Jutland and helped rescue men from a fire in the 6inch gun turret. 50 naval chaplains were at Jutland. He seems to have been a popular and successful chaplain who was described as “An extremely popular chaplain on a very happy ship. (Gordon Taylor , The Sea Chaplains, A History of the Chaplains of the Royal Navy (London:1978)p.358.

Barclay Baron (pictured centre) Barclay Baron (pictured centre)

Barclay Baron spent 4 years working for the YMCA on the Western Front. He was a friend of Tubby Clayton and visited Talbot House regularly. After the war he became a foundation member of Toc H and edited the Toc H Journal. He was instrumental in the Toc H movement in combining the needs of veterans with those of the next generation.

The Revd Tom Pym

A successful and popular chaplain who became Deputy Assistant Chaplain General to XIII corps in the First World War. He was very critical of the established church and felt that it would need to be reformed in the aftermath of war. He urged fellow chaplains to refuse livings in the Church of England on their return from was until reforms had taken place. He refused a parish and worked for the Cambridge University Settlement in Camberwell.

Arthur ‘Mary’ Conningham Arthur ‘Mary’ Conningham

AOC Western Desert 1941-43
A fighter ace in the First World War, Conningham, after serving in Bomber Command was moved to The Western Desert in July 1941. He was instrumental in turning the Desert air force into a modern tactical air force and one that would work with the ground forces more efficiently.